Saturday, January 27, 2007

Corporate Social Responsibility-

Via Techcrunch an interesting new service at that is focused on corporate responsibility issues. Generated mostly by user submitted content, companies are ranked for doing the right or wrong thing. From their tutorial page, ratings of companies are determined by two factors: the ratings of the activities the user and the rest of the community find important and the number of people who found each of these activities important. Both companies and consumers are encouraged to participate.

There are many 'watchdog' bloggers out there and if this service if sustainable (it is still too early to evaluate), it could be one central point for monitoring consumer sentiment on corporate social responsibility. I would however like to see a couple of enhancements including the ability to subscribe to company specific RSS feeds and potentially an aggregated company ranking going across all the existing rankings on that company.

Another thing for PR and Corporate relations to keep an eye on.


Ryan Mickle said...


Many thanks for the kind words of support. You will be happy to know that we have RSS is the works now (company specific, as well as many other very useful perspectives), and that after the evaluation period of companies (55 days remain for Wal Mart, Starbux, and Whole Foods), a dotherightthing performance score will be revealed to the world and tracked in real time. Soon we'll have the ability to follow the impacts of all the companies we find relevant, according to these scores, all driven by the dotherightthing community.

co-founder, dotherightthing

daniela barbosa said...


Thanks for the note and for 'listening' in on the conversation yourselves!

Best of luck with dotherightthing!