Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Robert Scoble shows Techmeme to Clare Hart and a conversation about trusted networks

Last week i brought Clare Hart the Executive Vice President of our Enterprise Media group down to the Podtech office to be interviewed by Robert Scoble for Podtech's ScobleShow (to be available in a couple weeks). After the formal interview with Clare, i turned on my own camera to get Robert's thoughts on Enterprise 2.0 (which i will post shortly). But before we got on the topic of Enterprise 2.0, Robert gave Clare a tour of Gabe Rivera's Memeorandum and Techmeme and even the Automatic Dirt Digger - which i had actually been discussing with her on the way down to Palo Alto from San Francisco that morning around a conversation of trust and who we choose to 'listen' to and the power of leveraging that network for business users much like the human trust networks that Peter Reiser is writing about over on his blog .

During the video i also talk a little (anyone that knows me, knows that it is practically impossible for me to only talk a little and this video proves it!) about the recent addition of blog content to our services and how we are going about growing that collection by taking suggestions of trusted business focused blogs from our users.

I am a big fan and daily user of the Techmeme service whose coverage is driven by a "mix of industry insiders, passionate independents, and established journalists" and specific algorithms developed for the service by Gabe Rivera who i agree with Robert is a pretty smart guy.


Gabe said...

Ah, thanks for posting that Daniela.

Hmm...glad there are people in the world comfortable demoing my stuff for longer than 30 seconds. Because it turns out I'm not one of those people!

daniela barbosa said...

ah come on Gabe- i know you can do an excellent job- watch out next time i will make you do it!

Chris said...

It's always fun having Robert on the other side of the camera :)