Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Enterprise 2.0 - what does it mean to you?

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Yes another friday afternoon or weekend and you are thinking about something 2.0, well perhaps you can help me.

At the
FASTfoward conference last week the topic of Web 2.0 and more specifically Enterprise 2.0 were topics of various presentations, on site conversations and post-conference blog posts. Jeannette Borzo from the Economist Intelligence Unit reported on some of their latest research on how web 2.0 tools are being applied and implemented in the enterprise (Slide Deck here, and video part 1 and video part2 that i managed to record). The white paper with final results will be released in March and i look forward to reading it.

Another thought leader in the 2.0 in the enterprise conversation, Andrew McAfee's presentation at the conference was titled "
Enterprise 2.0 - The Next Disruptor" and he is continuing the conversation over at his blog, asking readers to respond to this question "What are the drawbacks and advantages of top-down and bottom-up support for Enterprise 2.0? And how different are they, really?" Great question for those of us that are acquainted with Enterprise 2.0 as Andrew McAfee defines it, but perhaps a bit advanced for those that are starting to get their toes wet.

So next month, i will be going to a global sales conference and more and more i am meeting people
in my new organization and my 'old' organization that are all over web 2.0 thing but many- (probably the same ratio that i see in my customer base) are not. So a couple of sessions are going to be focused on technologies and market moving changes- one i truly believe will affect information delivery in the enterprise is Enterprise 2.0 tools and practices.

So, if you work in the enterprise space or produce solutions for that space would you be so kind as to reply to the following request?

thanks in advance! [Private submissions to daniela[dot]barbosa{at}dowjones.com

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