Monday, February 12, 2007

FASTforward conference and we won an innovation award: Interview with Lou Paglia

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It has been one of those weekends when i had a list of like 15 things to blog about after coming back from the FastForward conference, but instead spent the weekend finishing presentations for deliverables and writing up new scope documents. Oh well i will get to it i have some great video from the sessions and over 10 pages of notes (i couldn't get my wireless working at the conference hall which is so common at these things!).

But meanwhile since video is so much simpler to post, i would like to share with you a Video interview i did with Lou Paglia Director & GM, of Core Business for the Factiva products at Dow Jones. Dow Jones was awarded an innovation award for its work with the
FAST product on the core products like Search 2.0 that we launched last year that provide a Web2.0 experience for enterprise users. During Thursday's dinner, the award was announced and i also recorded this video of Lou's acceptance speach on behalf of Factiva Dow Jones as he gives thanks to the teams that work so hard on our solutions. During my interview the next day, Lou also hits upon the fact that we are now using our technologies to deliver blog content as an integrated experience. Great stuff!

If you are reading this through a reader or want to see the video in larger format, click here. I am still experimenting with my new video camera and seem to be having a hard time losing video quality on YouTube uploads and think i am going to try another service (please suggest via comments.)

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