Tuesday, January 30, 2007

FASTforward'07 Conference - 2.0 in the Enterprise

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Lucky me- next week i am going to San Diego for the FASTforward'07 conference. Dow Jones/Factiva is one of the gold sponsors of the conference- so if you are going to be there please stop by our booth and come have a chat about some of the thing we are doing with our customers. If you would like to schedule a specific time to meet or have plans to meet with others to talk about Enterprise 2.0 outside of the scheduled agenda that you think i would like to participate in, please do drop me a line at daniela{dot}barbosa{at}dowjones.com.

The focus of the conference is for the attendees to participate in various types of discussions including panels, interviews and informal discussions around how developments in "Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and Search 2.0 applications can drive the next wave of value creation within and across their enterprises".

On the Speakers' agenda are folks like Andrew McAfee, John Battelle, Tim O'Reilly and Chris Anderson among others. Have a specific question for these speakers? Well, you can certainly leave it in my comments and i will try to get you an answer or better yet you can ask yourself by clicking on their names and a form will appear that will let you submit a question or possible topic of discussion to the specific presenter.

This is a nice feature that i haven't seen before in pre-conference sites but is a trend that i think conference organizers will be using to include people that can not physically attend the conference but want to participate.

I have an internal meeting tomorrow to discuss conference details so i am not sure of booth duty requirements yet, so here for the world i am claiming 'non-booth' duty for these sessions! The
Agenda looks great with topics like The Future of Media, Andrew McAfee's Enterprise 2.0: The Next Disrupter, Business Intelligence: Transformation 2.0, Putting it All Together: The Vision is Reality, Search Technology: The New Frontier, Innovate, Accelerate, Dominate!, Building Stronger Communities, Engaging with Your Multi-Platform Audience, Search Powered Enterprise 2.0, Changing the Game: Using Search to Build New Business Models, of course not missing Chris Anderson's The Long Tail, Mine the Web for Gold, Search Usability and Result Navigators, and Gaining Powerful Insights from Your Data. Ok so i will be at the booth for every break ;-)

I certainly do look forward to speaking to many of the attendees and meeting the other bloggers, podcasters and video bloggers that will be attending the conference. It seems like the conference organizers (FAST Search) don't want the conversation to only be at the conference so they have setup a blog to kick-start the conversation and to hopefully continue the conversation post conference. Conference blogs are tool that is being used more and more for conferences across all disciplines to engage a large audience.

[Edited once i reread]- one thing that is disappointing is the lack of female speakers, an unfortunate but very common occurrence at technology conferences (i see one on the main speakers agenda Jeanette Borzo and four on the rest of the agenda although some names i couldn't tell which way they go).

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