Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Use of Map Mashups in Enterprise Applications

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I like maps-they are a graphical representations that users typically understand and know what they should do if interactivity is built into them. I have delivered various solutions over the years to my enterprise clients that provide simple interfaces for users to interact with, for example regional newsstand views and am starting to discuss the use of map mashups with our content for specific business needs.

Map mashups are probably the most used if not the most recognized mashups in the consumer world and it is no surprise that they are starting to make an appearance in enterprise applications as well. In the consumer world people create map mashups constantly. The Google Maps Mania blog has an almost daily post on mashups using Google Maps (of specific interest to me would be the fact that the Stabilimento Balneare Bagno Elena has WiFi for example which might come in handy this spring).

Always looking to provide extra value add to our services, late last year Factiva Salesworks provided our users with a global mapping solution using Microsoft's Virtual Earth mapping service which i was very excited to get my hands on.

Using my new video camera (be patient with me this is only my second video with this camera), i recorded this Use Case Scenario of a sales person preparing for a sales trip to Denver. I did this for a client and to show my new colleagues from Dow Jones who were just given access to SalesWorks some of the cool capabilities of an integrated mapping service. (if you are interested in giving this a test drive let me know and i will send you demo access)

Do you know of other cool enterprise map mashup applications? (Salesforce.com has a couple for example) leave them in the comments so i can go take a look.

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Faust Haus said...

One of my colleagues wrote this Google map hack: http://www.onnyturf.com/subway/

Which is used by thousands of smart New Yorkers (so they dont have to cross check the subway map with a street map) each day ;)

Yay for technology!