Friday, February 02, 2007

Jeremiah at Podtech talks to Matt Toll of Dow Jones (Factiva)

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Aside from having some of the nicest hair and throwing some of the best chili parties on the east coast, Matt Toll is one of the Directors of Regional Segment Marketing for Factiva from Dow Jones. He recently attended the Frost and Sullivan’s Sales and Marketing conference were he participated on a panel about measuring the unmeasurable. Today Jeremiah Owyang posted a video interview with Matt from the desert patio during the cocktail hour summarizing some of the sessions:

During the video Jeremiah asked what Dow Jones was doing in this new media space. Matt did a good job of describing why a lot of the former Factiva people are excited about the
Dow Jones acquisition because of certain market opportunities but the recent summaries from Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino's keynote speech at the SIIA (Software Information Industry Association) Information Industry Summit from Barry Graubart from Alacra and the Shore Communications blog point to the fact that in this "new media" world some of the "old media" folks are gearing up and with that i am glad to be going for the ride. Long, long, long time ago i remember Clare Hart (former CEO of Factiva now EVP at DJ) requesting someone to train the newly arrived Zannino on the new service- at the time i was an Enterprise Consultant working with our top global customers- i got assigned the training task and had to go over to the DJ executive offices to do the training- i wonder if he remembers and if he does, i sure hope he remembers what a great job i did.

Note: I have had a lot of new readers lately, especially with being part of the new Media 2.0 workgroup syndicated feed so although his post happens to be about my employer, i would like to remind my readers that: "The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my past, future or present employer".

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