Friday, February 16, 2007

Enterprise 2.0- What does it mean to me (Part 1)

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Ok last night i posted asking you to help me out in explaining what Web 2.0 in the enterprise means. I am particularly interested in practitioners of 2.0 implementation in the enterprise but would love to hear from anyone that has something to say on the subject. My intention is to video edit it into a good clip that we can potentially show at an upcoming sales and marketing conference my company is having- i will share it out to the community as well.

So i figured i would also share simple things i do that i consider Web 2.0 usage in the enterprise as well while i am at it- give and you shall receive i believe.

If you read through my blog posts you will find other types of 2.0 user scenarios in the enterprise, like
social tagging and account planning in a Web 2.0 world that i talk about, some of these are more important then others in driving the enterprise business. If you read Andrew McAfee's definition of Enterprise 2.0 (which he is currently debating on his blog) - he defines Enterprise 2.0 as the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers. So yes, the focus a lot of us think about when discussing Enterprise 2.0 is around the tools and applications "behind the firewall" (hey CIO insight just posted that Spending on enterprise social software will rise by 5.9% during 2007 ).

But there are various other ways that Web 2.0 technologies are influencing the enterprise and those are around consumer Web 2.0 applications that enterprise people are using to fullfill or enhance their work. I would like to believe that on a personal level the use of my blog is one way that i am personally using Web 2.0 consumer tools to my 'business' advantage. Here is another simple real life example:

Yesterday, our Executive Vice President Clare Hart came to the San Francisco office to meet with the team and conducted a town hall meeting. In this meeting were people from the 10-13th floor that perhaps i have seen in the elevator but never really interacted with- they however are now part of my group in the Enterprise Media group which i am very excited about. So at the end of the town meeting, i made the request to get everyone together for a picture. Once i took the picture, i uploaded it on flickr and sent it around to the few people i did know or actually remembered their names (i am not so good at that) and asked them to forward to others for tagging. So what we created as a team, was a tagged map of who is who in the Enterprise media group at the San Francisco, Dow Jones office- a big family map. Useful for all of us - don't you think?

Click on this image to get to the flickr tagged version and hover your mouse over the image to see all the name tags.

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