Monday, February 19, 2007

Enterprise 2.0- What Others Corporate Bloggers are Saying

In addition to asking you (the reader of this blog) to participate in gathering examples of what Enterprise 2.0 means to you (please do participate) and giving you examples of my own usage of 2.0 tools and technologies as an enterprise worker, i have also been looking for posts from corporate bloggers (those i would define as public bloggers who are blogging openly about the company they work for) that i can highlight on the subject.

Last night i hit the jackpot via my personal filtered Touchstone tool that i am using during their BETA period (see below note). In the post titled "Web 2.0 applied in an Enterprise – a huge business opportunity" Peter Reiser lays out beautifully how a company like Sun Microsystems is looking to take advantage of the social dynamics of Web 2.0 and turn it into a business value and business advantage.

Peter hits upon a lot of items that are important when looking to leverage Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise to make them truly Enterprise 2.0 tools- things like ensuring a services based architecture for re-usability, consistent and interactive user design and tagging (with a call out to tying into an enterprise taxonomy) but what i like the most and have been talking to some other clients about is the building of a community based on trust. I am a believer that Web 2.0 in the Enterprise will indeed address a lot of the Knowledge Management issues companies have been trying to address and have spent a lot of cash on.

As humans, we always turn to others that we trust and the blogsphere is certainly leveraging those human trust networks (think Techmeme)- so why wouldn't enterprise trust networks and what Reiser calls "self driven Social Capital System based on community generated Social Values" be just as valuable and provide business advantage?

Know of other corporate bloggers that are writing on this subject? Leave a comment below.

Note: Here is a perfect example of the way a tool like Touchstone has helped me be alerted to something that i might have missed- based on the feeds i have inputted via my OPML file (i have had the complete SUN Blogroll on my GoogleReader for ever but there is just so much on a daily basis i find it very hard to find what is personally important unless i subscribe to Sun individual blogs). With Touchstone and key terms i might be looking for- in this case client names and key words like 'enterprise 2.0' the information was delivered to me via a news ticker of things that are important to me. Without it, i wouldn't know that Peter Reiser was blogging on a subject that is dear to me. Touchstone is in Private Beta- i still have a couple of guest invitation and if you are interested please do drop me a line (danielavbarbosa[at]


Lou said...

I un-installed the Alpha version of Touchstone just yesterday. They have several annoying things that they will have to overcome before I will give it another shot (b/c their concept in an interesting one):

1.Their daily upgrade announcement took too much time each day (got hit with four over a five day period) so I don't know if they doing releases at a break-neck pace or they have a bug that is detected that I do in fact have the latest version.
2.Their version also continued to crash on me. Can't afford unstable software on my pc.
3.Their scrolling widget needs to act like a window. Right now it kills the location on the desktop even if you close the app down. The other windows no longer recognize it as active space until you restart.
4.They are going to have to find some way to create continuity with all of my feeds that exist in Google Reader. And it can't be on me to continue to move OPML files back and forth. Right now it just isn't worth the effort to add all of my RSS locations so I can get them into the application. (I realize this is the same problem all RSS readers have)

Anyway, perhaps this is why they are in testing mode so I shouldn't be so critical. But as an early adopter at heart, even this release was too early for my liking...

daniela barbosa said...

lou- thanks for the feedback i went ahead and forwarded it to the Touchstone folks- comments seem to get lost in the blogsphere if you aren't monitoring them.

Chris said...

Hi Lou thanks very much for your feedback! I appreciate you taking the time.

Daniela, thanks for pointing me to it - but I would have caught it eventually - your blog is required reading of course :)

Lou here are some comments for you regarding your feedback.

1. We have published about 4 updates to the beta build over the last 2 or so weeks. If you have received more updates than that please let me know as this is probably a bug (one we have not heard of before).

Touchstone is currently in very limited circulation (deliberately so) precisely so we can tweak the heck out of it and iterate quickly before sending it to all our friends who have signed up for a copy (thousands and thousands of people.)

With this in mind the updates will slow once we go to wider distribution and stabilize for public beta.

2. My copy of Touchstone crashes at most once a day. Far too often I agree but again this is a very limited beta for a few privileged eyes. Each build will see a significant improvement in stability as we trap more errors.

3. If the Touchstone Ticker is not releasing the screen real-estate at the top of your screen this is most likely because of the crashes. If TS is exited properly it releases the screen real estate so other apps can use it again.

I will see if we can improve releases during..shall we say... an ungraceful exit.

4. Google reader (and 99% of other feed readers) unfortunately do not support support hosted OPML to allow a common feed store.

We could ask a user for their Reader user name/password and try to screen-scrape it out - I am not sure if users would like this option though.

I think that Touchstone's target market of mainstream users (who typically would not have another feed reader) and our focus on "watch words" rather than RSS feeds will dampen the severity of this issue.

I look forward to finding a way to solve mutli-reader OPML sync though - this could be a great challenge for us and others to solve together - do you have any ideas for a way it could be done Lou?



Lou said...


Great comments back, appreciate you taking the time. Completely agree about the challenges that exist not only for you but all reader or information value added services when a centeralized data store does not exist. This is an area that is ripe for a web service or SOA solution where I can mainatain one data store and obtain value from many different web locations on that data store.

Perfect example, is I ever develop a customized application in Teqlo, I wouldn't want to maintain all of my feeds, etc in Google Reader, Teqlo and Touchstone just to name a few. Anyway, if I come up with an idea, I'll drop it your way.

Appreciate the "attention" and keep up the good work b/c Touchstone clearly is on to something...