Monday, November 19, 2007

Users Generate but eventually someone will have to play Editor

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Via the Bivings Report and Jeff Jarvis last month some thoughts on Editor 2.0 in the online news media business. The conversation was started as we see media sites starting to allow users to tag content and organizations like the Guardian are looking for people with experience in the value of metadata (job post is no longer up so good luck to the lucky chap!).

From Jarvis's post the position calls for:
Guardian Unlimited requires a keyword manager to look after the labelling of our content online to ensure that it is consistent with the needs of the reader and the editorial values of the Guardian and Observer. The role requires attention to the demands both of a considerable content archive and of a fast-moving news operation, and involves work across media; from text to cartoons, video to podcasts. It would suit either a journalist with a particular interest in archiving, or someone with a background in information science who possesses a keen editorial sense.

Media room Editors that are responsible for adding metadata to articles are nothing new-like the ones at The New York Times. As media sites begin allowing user generated tags it will certainly add immense value for their readers as well as for their own editorial staff since they can learn new terminology that their readers are using much quicker then the traditional methods. Media sites whose core business is to deliver news content however need a robust yet flexible standard taxonomy that drives the type of news that is being published. A combination of both types with 'Editor 2.0' editorial purview will allow a rich display of aboutness of the news content outside of the standard tags clouds and lists we are used to seeing when sites open up tagging to users and i am looking forward to seeing some of these implementations.

Interested in discussing a similar topic of Folksonomies and Taxonomies but focusing in the Enterprise space? Perhaps you can join us for an upcoming round table event.

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