Sunday, November 18, 2007

Using Dapper for Dynamic Ad creation - Semantic Advertising

On a perfect foggy walk kinda day this afternoon i listened to the newest podcast episode of the Bungee Connect Developer Network. I got turned on to this podcast show last week when i listened in on the episode on the OAuth initiative, which included Chris Messina, Larry Halff and Eran Hammer-Lahav and so far have enjoyed all four podcasts i listened to.

One of the podcasts i listened to today was with Jon Aizen of Dapper provides a no-fee tool for making almost any structured web site data accessible via a REST API. On my last review of Dapper when it was first launched, i mentioned that it needed some UI work and it looks like it certainly has advanced in the last year and a half so it is probably time for me to dig in again. Starting with this short 'how to' video it is obvious that the UI is more intuitive and i spent about 30minutes playing around this evening and was able to create a dap that i might be able to use for a project i am doing (more on that in another post!).

During the podcast Aizen goes through some of the uses of Dapper and provides a very good overview of what the service is all about for both users and publishers. However that wasn't really news to me- the New DapperAds Semantic Ad Technology however was. At about minute 24 of the podcast Aizen provides an example of the power of Semantic Ad Technology with an example of a online grocer, using Dapper to dynamically generate Ads on recipe sites. So when someone for example is looking at a pumpkin pie recipe on a recipe site, the online grocer can by having a dap associated with the ingredients dynamically create a shopping cart of all the ingredients needed for that recipe.

Although not as complicated as the online grocer example Aizen gives, this Screencast of a simple Dynamic Ad creation in which in a couple of click a gaming website can quickly embed Amazon chicklets based on the game reviews that each page does provides a good overview of what they are looking to offer.


Rev said...

Glad you're enjoying the podcast. Let me know if you have any ideas on what else we might cover.

daniela barbosa said...

Ted- thanks for stopping by. I will certainly let you know if i get any additional ideas that you might be interested in- but perhaps a followup to oauth around might be interesting.