Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dapper adj : marked by smartness in dress and manners

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oh boy is this is an exciting end to another successful day- the Dapper part of the post (although Blotter is as well).
Back in February i got excited about ning and still use my ning bookshelf (as well as my video ipod that i won for making a ning!). For me the most exciting part was because it was a consumer based tool that allowed for simple 'programming' - you can easily create applications on the fly without any coding.

Dapper provides a UI (that needs some Usability looking at) that extracts data from any web site and provides click design functions ( yep, click and code gets written in some far distant space were little programming elves are writing thousand lines of code ;-) . The user can then choose to displayed via XML, HTML, RSS, email alerts, Google Maps, Google Gadgets, a javascript image loop or JSON. Today without enhancing usability it is not a tool a general user could use but for some like me who has limited programming skills, isn't afraid to give things a try and has big dreams this could be great.

TechCrunch calls Dapper pretty awesome but with some copyright issues to deal with, i agree. I just spent some time playing around this evening and will post what i come up with soon!

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