Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get to know the person behind the blog and the company behind the products and services at HP

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When i got tagged with the "Tag You're it- 5 thing you didn't know about me" meme that Jeff Pulver started i kinda curled up my nose because i have always hated those chain e-mails that follow the same format- but the folks that tagged me i have a lot of respect for so i digged in. As i started looking at others' tagged posts i concluded that it is indeed a good way to share something with blog readers if what i am producing is social media because blogs are a tool for creating media and it is the people indeed that makes it social. I tend to try to mix a bit of personal with my blogging to keep it real (and to not totally bore my family and friends)- but my blog is not corporate sponsered.

Last month i mentioned a new Blog from the HP executives on
'The New Face of Media' and mentioned 'The Marketing Excellence blog by Eric Kintz who is VP of Global Marketing Strategy & Excellence at HP. Checking my feeds this morning i found two posts of interest on Eric Kintz's blog:

1. Kintz is participating in the "Tag You're it- 5 things you didn't know about me" meme and in his post "
Is a Blog-Tag Virtual Game Too Non Corporate?" he writes that although he rarely participates in these things he thought it would be appropriate because as a HP corporate blogger "knowing the person behind the blog would seem as critical (if not more) as for any non-corporate blog". You are right on Eric!

The best part however is that Kintz tagged forward the tag to HP competitor bloggers at Dell and Lenovo. (check out this post on a
Blogging War as well)Wish i had thought of that! Who might i have tagged? Perhaps Jonathan Carson of BuzzMetrics , Mitch Ratcliffe of BuzzLogic, Tom Glocer of Reuters (ok not a 'competitor' but since they just decided to sell their Factiva portion), and Steve Goldstein, CEO of Alacra (partner/competitor).

2. The second thing of interest was Kintz's post on the Web2.0 trends of 2006. The question posed by a group of bloggers was "What was (were) the most notable PR/marketing social media trend(s) or event(s) in 2006 and why?". Kintz chose to post on
Company Generated Media something that HP is certainly taking a lead on. He writes that these new trends "will imply that companies maintain an authentic, personal and direct dialogue with customers" and that it is a key trend to watch for in 2007. I agree and when we conducted our social media roundtable this month we discussed not only the monitoring of consumer generated media but the measuring of company generated media and we have a couple of follow-ups with a few clients in the new year to discuss just that.

As VP of Global Marketing Strategy, Eric Kintz is giving us a look into the marketing strategies that HP is using to stay ahead of the market. If you are interested in how companies will use the new media creation tools like
blogs, podcasts,and video, you should subscribe to his blog- it looks like it will be a good read in 2007.

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Eric Kintz said...

For some reason I only just saw your post, but I am happy you enjoyed my most recent postings. I look forward to continuing the dialogue