Friday, December 22, 2006

Percebes (Barnacles)

If you just dropped in on my blog and are a new visitor, this week I am in Portugal visiting my grandparents and have made a couple of posts about being here, mostly about food like Pastéis de Nata and Castanhas assadas. I don't think i am unique in returning home and using food to reconnect with memories and when i am go back east i also eat a lot of pizza like most new yorkers that live on the west coast.

Although some of these foods are 'reproducible' back home - it just isn't the same so i try to eat all the things i love while visiting and i always come back with a couple extra pounds to prove it!

Fish and seafood are a staple of Portuguese cuisine (well at least the dishes i enjoy) so yesterday's special treat was Percebes (Barnacles). Perecebes are crustaceans that are considered a delicacy and they certainly were delicious.

As i was looking for a definition in English to link to from this post i came about the barnacle definition in Wikipedia and noticed on the bottom an image of barnacles from Moss Beach in California which is just down the road from where i live. I have never seen barnacles on restaurants menus back home- do i have to put on my clam diggers and head down to Moss Beach to check it out myself?


Juli Miller said...

Hello, I had many Portuguese friends when I lived in Europe a few years back and I also came to love to the percebes introduced to me on a trip to Lisbon. Also, my friend Ana made a bacalau (sp?) dish with parsley, hard-boiled eggs and bread. Mty friend is traveling to Portugal and I woudl like her to have this wonderful dish - does it have a name?

Anonymous said...

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