Monday, July 09, 2007

Video Aggregation and Search for the Enterprise Information Worker

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Every Monday our team in San Francisco gets together to review opportunities, discuss enhancements, new products etc. essentially a typical sales team meeting to gear up for the week. In today's conversation our product 'Ambassador' Brent Kraus started a discussion on our upcoming integration of audio and video content into Dow Jones's Factiva products. Video is hot and not only in the consumer space- enterprise business content consumers have been asking for it for a while.

Yesterday Jeremiah posted some interesting predictions on Google and online video that is worth a read, especially if you are interested in the consumer space and video advertising- i however would like to expand on one of his points which is the video search space- with a focus on the enterprise information worker.

Last week i blogged about how Context and Aggregation are King- in the new business media world, and touched upon the importance of being able to get to video business content which may include relevant video and audio information from business news sources, CEO interviews, executive speeches, shareholders meetings, and product reviews to name a few that would be of interest to corporate users. There is obviously an explosion in high value video content- produced by both new and old media outfits- that enterprise users need easy access to in order to do their information work.

There is also a visable maturation of multimedia search engines like Blinkx, Nexidia and EveryZing/Podzinger that go beyond what most of the major search engines do to search video, which is still mostly text-based searching relying on titles, descriptions and tags and not searching inside the multimedia content.

During our meeting this morning, one of the benefits that i brought up that Factiva is doing with our new multimedia enhancements, that is different from the consumer video search space is that we are serving up video content that is relevant to business users along with other types of content- much like our core business to distribute only the best business news content and the best blog business content (although we do have solutions that actually throw a very large net- i am only talking about end-user research tools). In addition to the aggregation we are also adding additional metadata about that content and using visualization to provide additional information to the user on what the search results are (click image to see sample screen).

The new features will leverage EveryZing's (PodZinger) speech-to-text and natural language processing technologies that enables users to surface short, targeted clips around specific search terms where they can subsequently view only relevant sections or the entire episode. It includes both video and audio. It also uses the Factiva Intelligent Indexing ™ and displays results in charts and graphs so that users can immediately extract value and understanding from their search. This is based on our Search 2.0 technologies that Lou take us through in this video from the FAST forward conference. Going against the results set the discovery pane presents metadata elements like what company, news subject and industry the videos are about- clicking on each item drills down to other results that were tagged the same.

I remember not so long ago when i was very vocal with the product folks that we needed to look at video and audio content and provide the same aggregation value to that content that we do with the text based content- i am pleasantly surprised and very pleased as to how quickly they managed to put this into the product enhancement cycle- congrats folks.

Oh yeah- and Jeremiah- we now got some Podtech content as well- ;-)

The enhancements are due in August- if you are not a Factiva subscriber but would like to preview it when it goes live- drop me a note at daniela.barbosa [at]

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Brent-Stig Kraus said...

I'm glad to see that I've made the Blog. This ambassador program is great - yet, as in most "team units", it's the effort of the masses that build pyramids. With Factiva's ear to the wall, the more people understand about the new enhancements, be-it the interface or content, the better. It's exciting to see that we listen to the's great to be in this area, we are most certainly exposed to early trends