Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Old Media coming alive in color and some advice on social networking and your boss

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The Wall Street Journal's 'Cubicle Culture' author Jared Sandberg had a piece today on social networking sites and what to do if your boss wants to join your network and become your 'friend' a topic that i have been discussing with some colleagues as well. The online article comes with a video in which Sandberg gives some advice on how to set up privacy settings in Facebook a fast growing social networking site in the corporate space.

I have been watching WSJ.com videos for a while and the quality has certainly improved- and it isn't because it is produced like an old media tv show with the right anchor in the right location- i think the video is improved because it is more like the new media video that we are getting accustomed to on services like Podtech which has multiple video channels and WallStrip (recently acquired by CBS). The personable camera shot - just like the viewer is sitting in the same room getting a demo or running down the street with the person. Take a look at the Wall Street Journal's All Thing Digital lead by Walt Mossberg and Karen Swisher where you can "Check out our videos where old media people come alive in living color". Now, All Thing's Digital according to their disclaimer is run autonomously as a small online startup while "adhering to the journalistic standards of the best of the mainstream media" so you would expect it to be a little edgy- but when you are accustomed to reading an author like Swisher and then watch her walking up and down the street in Palo Alto for the launch of the iPhone- you have to smile and then tune in for more.

EDIT- i feel like i need to point out New York Times's Dave Pogue's recent iPhone video as another example of old media playing the new media game.

There is a meme on Techmeme about how some Old media folks are jumping ship to new media providers but i don't think it is super different from what has been happening for a while, like i posted yesterday video is hot- good video producers that engage their audience are going to be sought by both old media and new media companies.

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