Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Case Study: How Online Video Boosts eNewsletter Performance

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There has been a lot of writing and discussions about video over the last few days- from media production, aggregation and search to advertisement revenue models within videos etc.. So i went looking for some case studies from a corporate perspective and came across this post that presents a case study on how online video increased the click through rate in a specific eNewsletter campaign for a company in Miami.

The Loop Consulting group according to their blog, specializes in helping their customers in using electronic Newsletters effectively as part of their marketing and communications campaigns. This newsletter is for the Latin Builders Association. Here are some results they share in the post:

Click-Through: The total amount of recipients that viewed the video was a whopping 64%. This is the highest request for any link within an eNewsletter that we at Loop have ever seen. It moved the overall links requested from a 9% to a 41%, wow! This shows that video is a very attractive channel for recipients.

New Channel: Through LBATV, the Latin Builders Association has created a new medium to communicate their message, as well as a new product for sponsorship revenue. Video augments the sponsor's message outside the venue walls.

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