Friday, June 01, 2007

SLA Conference- Blogging Librarians Descend on Denver

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I am heading out to Denver first thing Sunday morning for the annual SLA (Special Library Association) Conference . Dow Jones/Factiva is a huge sponsor of the conference and i always enjoy attending because a lot of the clients i work with have librarians that attend. I am also looking forward to seeing some of my east coast clients that i miss!

I have a MLIS (Master of Library & Information Science) and although i do not consider myself a 'librarian' i do align my professional self with the profession especially in the corporate space since much of the work i have done in the last 8 years revolves around information delivery in the enterprise.

I monitor a good handful of librarian blogs (see list below) and have always thought that librarians make great bloggers. I posted the Hugh MacLeod**** drawing above because i thinks that librarians do have the passion and authority to be great bloggers!

For the last few years the conference has been very well covered by attending bloggers. I will do what i can to help the situation this year.

The Official Conference Blog:

Information Today is covering the conference on their blog:

There is a blogger get together (unfortunately i won't be able to attend- urgh):

Some of the conference sessions that look interesting (aside from the Al Gore keynote-yeah!):

****If you a Hugh MacLeod fan and a blogging librarian and you happen to read this post, i have an extra signed calendar from when i recently met Hugh at a Blogging Dinner. Be the first to find me in the booth and it is yours to frame. Here is when i am scheduled to be at the Dow Jones Booth: Sunday 11am-1pm, Monday 3-5pm, Tuesday 10-12:30pm and this is what i look like.

Some other 'library' blogs i monitor include (feel free to add more in the comments):

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