Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Google Reader Offline- thanks about time someone did it

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It is so nice to know that the folks over at Google are reading my blog (well actually i don't know that i just think everyone one of their releases is about me). With today's announcement of Google Gears that will enable developers to create offline web applications using JavaScript APIs. With the Google Reader offline mode is the first release they have managed to solve yet another one of my problems.

Last December as i was packing for a trip to Europe, i posted about the fact that i had a process in place to get my podcasts and videos all set to be offline but i had no way to go offline with the blogs i read. My short term fix until today was that as i get on a plane i open multiple tabs on my browser and then look through them offline. I even had someone tap me on the shoulder on a plane to Florida a couple months back asking me if i had Internet access on the plane- i didn't- i had just opened multiple tabs to read through when i went offline.

Well i used to have to make do when i went offline- not anymore i just downloaded it and it works great.
Google Gears is very exciting and addresses a lot of issues that tools like Google Documents have been criticized for not allowing offline access to. Scoble has a video of Google's Brad Taylor talking about the release, at the end of the video he says that a developer came up with this during his trips on the Google bus from SF to Mountain View- wait don't that have WIFI on those buses?
UPDATED: i figured video was not going to be available but i just noticed offline gets no images-graphics are important on many blogs. :-(

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