Sunday, June 03, 2007

Information Professionals read blogs at the same rate as regular internet users?

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In my attempt to make new friends at SLA i have setup a couple of blog alerts (google, technorati and have a bookmarked a search (they don't seem to have alerts yet) on Zuula thanks to Debbie Weil's pointer.

One of the posts i just read that i thought was interesting was a press release posted on Noticias tech on a new survey report from LexisNexis on "Information Professionals Use of Web 2.0 and Knowledge Management to Add Value to Their Organizations". Since they put the press release out advertising the survey, I will go visit the LexisNexis booth to see if they are distributing copies of this report. Survey Methodology is explained in the press release but out of 1,500 LN customers they pinged- 107 responded- so we are not talking about a huge response rate. Only Information Professionals as defined by the Special Libraries Association were asked to participate and those are defined as "someone who strategically uses information in his/her job to advance the mission of the organization".

Although i giggled when the survey described it as Weblogs (do we still use that term?)- according to their survey, nearly four in ten access Weblogs at least weekly (39%).

A quick search (i couldn't find any 2007 data) tells me that the Pew Internet & American Life Project reported that in January 2006 Internet users read someone else’s online journal, web log or blog - 39%. An Internet user is defined as anyone who has “ever done” an online activity.

Maybe this is daniela sitting in the Silicon valley echo chamber speaking- but if information professional are tasked to "advance the mission of the organization"- shouldn't they be more engaged in the blogsphere then the typical Internet user?

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Lou Paglia said...

I have to absolutely agree with you. 39% is too low for that type of person (perhaps a small sample size?). The thing that jumps out at me even more so than 39% is the "weekly" part of statement. Weekly?

Is that the right metric to use on something that updates as often as blogs?