Monday, April 09, 2007

We love Netflix and want to make it better

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A couple weeks back i announced my companion channel to this blog. I have a new video up that consists of a conversation with Keith Deweese and myself about how much he loves Netflix and how we have some suggestions to make it even better. (Click here if you can not see the embedded video below or want to see it in large resolution).

In this session, I interview Keith Deweese an avid Netflix fan (tune in to hear about his favorite movie~ hey i was surprised!).

Keith however is a taxonomist and a very good one to boot and he feels that Netflix could drastically improve its service by improving core website features like browsing, navigation and search for end users.

During the interview, we discuss how we think that the Netflix recommendation engine contest is great but feel that Netflix needs to first make some improvements to allow users to find what they are looking for- by following some standard information categorization practices and improve their service overall.

Keith is based in Chicago and i filmed this session in San Francisco using a Web Conferencing Tool, a conference phone and a wall projector (i couldn't get the video conference working but the first clip in which we do introductions has a great picture of Keith).

His blog post on subject can be found over on his Blogex Deweese blog. Thanks-Keith!

If you have specific experiences with Netflix that you would like to share on this topic feel free to leave a comment or a link to your response.

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Marshall said...

When it comes to simple user interface, I have to hand it to the folks at Yugma ( They have developed such an easy to use web conferencing app that is free forever. Amazing things is how well it works. Not just on PC's -- but between PC's and MAC's. All around its easy. Easy to join, easy to start, easy to use. I love easy. Plus they're free.