Sunday, April 01, 2007

Intelligent Agent Blog Review of Social Bookmarking Tools

I have posted a couple of time about social tagging/bookmarking in the enterprise and i believe that it is one of those Web 2.0 tools that will reap a lot of value in the enterprise space because of its natural fit into knowledge management needs.

The Intelligent Agent Blog written by Robert Berkman of Information today has a good review of free, public social bookmarking sites that could also be suitable for enterprise use. He reviews many of the services that have been out there for a while and also reviews some new ones that i was not aware of. In addition he posts that on April 15th he will share a full article, which also contains a detailed feature comparison chart of both fee-based and free social bookmarking vendors and sites. I am really looking forward to this article since i am working with a handful of customers that are starting to seriously evaluate social tagging as a solution for their enterprise.

Social tagging & bookmarking has great potential for not only helping enterprise users save, organize and share information with each other but for natural extensions like expertise location. I am confident that it will become a common solution for enterprises. Just this last week, Rich Hoeg from Honeywell announced the launch of Connect Beam's enterprise solution.


Puneet Gupta said...

Recent surveys have consistently ranked Social Networking as the top most initiative for enterprises compared to other social software derivatives.

Inside the enterprise, Social Networking is inherently tied to content and information discovery first, which in turn leads to people discovery. You build your social network inside the enterprise (and extended to partners and customers) around information you seek, share, or discover. Social Bookmarking, Tagging, when combined with Social Networking is the magic bullet, as evident from Honeywell - an organization of over 120,000 employees.

daniela barbosa said...

Thanks for the great comment Puneet- i know you folks at Connectbeam get it!

Not only do i agree with the survey responses, i also agree with the focus and do not believe it is a 'fad' like perhaps other social networking tools. If implemented holistically it will have a high impact on information and knowledge management in the enterprise space.