Friday, March 30, 2007

Check back in 2012- Will the Wall Street Journal have a print edition?

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I haven't been out and about in the SF scene in the last three months which means i have given flickr sightings a break and corporate is probably convinced i am hard at work but tonight i finally was in town and went to the SF Beta event- good cause i missed talking to some of these folks and meeting a whole bunch of new ones as well which is always good and there certainly were a lot of new faces.

While there, i chatted with Stowe Boyd for a bit which is always a pleasure. Stowe recently posted on the death of newspapers meme that has been buzzing around the blogsphere and included Doc Searls's How to Save Newspapers much of which i agree with.

Well during our conversation, Stowe bet me that in 5 years The Wall Street Journal will not have a print edition. I took that bet (hey Stowe what are we betting anyway?)- i think the print version of The Wall Street Journal is not going away soon, although i am sure it will continue to change and evolve like the recent reduction in print size (it fits so nicely into my laptop case now). Are other papers whose print versions we read today disappearing in the next 5 years? Yes, i am with you on that-but not WSJ- so folks check back in 2012.

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Lena West said...

It was groovy working with you at the BlogHer Business Conference. I've gotten great feedback about our session.

I just posted to my blog about InfoWorld cancelling their print edition. If you want to check it out I make a mean prediction!

I think it's very interesting to see how technology is affecting everything we ever took for granted: print pubs, busy signals (again on my blog), etc.

I didn't get your business card at BlogHer so, feel free to drop me a line whenever LWest at xynoMedia dot com.