Wednesday, March 28, 2007

OneStop Secret Sauce- Why Sun Microsystems Gets It

If you have ever been part of a team that is responsible for information delivery in an enterprise- whether that is through an intranet/portal or even using 2.0 tools like wikis and blogs you probably know that for the majority of your content producers it is like pulling teeth to get people to share and participate.

So would you contribute to an enterprise web community if Beer was a reward or along with your content you could post your national flag to emphasize a global community and show some national pride?
Well those are just some of the secrets that the Sun Microsystem's One Stop team is willing to share with you on their new Blog- OneStop Secret Sauce. OneStop is an internal Sun tool that is mostly used by systems engineers when they need immediate, up-to-date information regarding Sun's products, technologies, and programs- and i know for a fact that sales folks also turn to it more and more because of the relevance and to get "the real scoop on Sun's products" that they can't get elsewhere on the various portals that are available.

I know Mike Briggs, one of the bloggers behind this blog and have had some great conversations with him around fostering collaboration and the beauty of technologies that enable it. I have also seen OneStop and believe in the power it has for the Sun organization so i am extremely happy to see that team share with the public what works and what doesn't work. The GSE Divas's Sun Stars is a blog category on another Sun public blog that highlights Sun Microsystem's stars that i follow on my RSS reader and they recently highlighted Mike's accomplishments- congrats to Mike Briggs well deserved!

Some might call me a Sun groupie because of the multiple times i mention what Sun is doing in the social media and enterprise 2.0 space- call me what you want - they get it and they are succeeding because they let individuals like Mike do what is needed to provide value to the organization.
I am looking forward to reading more from this team and sharing some of their knowledge with some of my other customers!


marianne richmond said...

Waaaaay cool...thanks for pointing it out! Great to meet you in NY...have a few questions I didn't get to ask in your session :).


daniela barbosa said...

would love to chat further. I am sending you an email with my details.

If you know of other enterprise companies that are blogging about internal practices in information delivery/KM etc. please let me know!

Lee White said...

This got me thinking about how to get people in a large organization to change behaviors and participate more freely in mass collaboration. Ties in nicely with Wikinomics by Don Tapscott (which I am reading now).