Saturday, March 25, 2006

I have been scattered- but i figured it out

I have been scattered- i figured it out however- my rss feeds were out of control - i have been adding them to my bloglines rss reader for a while now and since i didn't set up categories/folders originally due to-a UI design issue combined with my early non-commitment to bloglines-i tested some of the other rss readers and they eventually won out.

so i have spent the last few hours- reading blogs and organizing them in some sort of categories that make sense to me today. Definitely interesting to think about how to indeed tag them when the service only provides for one category view per RSS feed. In my world, there is a comergence of 'subjects' of customer/vendor/product with New Media- for example as an individual who also uses rss for business purposes + more- a company employee blog (written as part of the company like for example the - the corporate blog space is chatting up this topic quite a bit.- For example: Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger - went under my mashup category- Company Alerts Blogs which will be comprised of alerts from factiva, corporate blogs and employee blogs- of companies i might do business with from a customer/partner perspective- but i am also interested in as a buyer and user.

Another reason for me to update my feeds was that Factiva just released some enhancements including allowing the creation of RSS feeds from Search 2.0 alerts that were released in Jan-06. I just moved all my company and industry alerts that i created with the Search 2.0 engine as RSS feeds-my inbox is already thanking me-

here is what it looks like today, i know it will always be a work in progress:

RSS is a great tool for business people like me who need to keep track of companies, industries and trends from various sources including premium content intermingled with public comments- etc. It is interesting that RSS is mostly used by adults- Steve Rubel of Forrester reports on RSS an teenagers claims teenagers uptake on RSS has been slow.


Ian Kennedy said...

It's the librarian in you that's forcing you to slot blogs into categories, something I gave up months ago. I now only have a few categories (family&friends, gossip, linkrolls, and "read-in") The read-in is the only one I really stay on top of and even then, if I don't get to it in 24 hours, I let the stories flow past because if it's really important, I figure it'll come back around to me another way.

My real interest is in "feed grazers" and the approaches that can get this right:

daniela said...

great ian know everyone knows ;-)
good comments and thanks for bringing 'Feed Grazing' to my attention. good thinking it brought me-