Sunday, March 04, 2012

RIP iPad 1 (Rest in Pieces)


Oh iPad 1, you have been a true member of our family since the summer of 2010. But now it is time to say goodbye....

You have helped us navigate the streets of Rome, Paris, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Lisbon and oh so many other little cities in far away places as well as close to home. Using 3G, or snapping screen shots of maps in preparation on the hotel WIFI- we always found the way with your help, bought the tickets before we got there, confirmed the open hours and the train schedules, read up on the collections and you told us exactly what we needed to enjoy ourselves.

And on those long flights to get to those faraway places, with an infant and then a toddler- you entertained and made the time 'fly' from your many kid Apps, to Angry Birds when the kid fell asleep. When we went out to eat and it was way past her dinner time, in the streets of some romantic town square- you entertained her so she could enjoy being with us, we with her and the other dinner guest with themselves.

You taught my 9 month old the swipe motion (and at 2 she swipes many a thing that just don't swipe because that is how she expects all electronics to work), you also taught her ABCs and all the animal sounds, her love of Toy Story , the Monster at the End of the Book, Monkey Pre-school lunchbox, Peekaboo Barn and on and on.

During the evenings you let me read interesting content, from people i follow on twitter, facebook and other feeds with a fascinatingly beautiful interface in Flipboard that more and more is becoming a standard experience in consuming content as i predicted. There was no movie star that ever went unidentified or spoofs that we didn't keep an eye out for as we tuned into a movie.

You became my cookbook companion- never a recipe that couldn't be found and followed from the counter. Oops no butter in the house, no worry a substitute is a swipe away.

There was rarely a question that went unanswered when you were around.

But i failed you, i left you behind once and miraculously you were 'returned' to me and now i just committed the ultimate sin.

I left you on the roof of my car and drove away, at about 65mph you flew off. My husband saw something 'black that looked like a record' that the car behind us swerved to avoid, we had the sun roof opened, but the screen was on and the kid couldn't have thrown anything and we didn't think of you because you were supposed to be safely stored in my bag. Latter on when i was about to pull you out to keep the kid entertained as we ate, i shrugged it off and she didn't miss you- i must have left it at home . When i got home 5 hours later, i looked for you, i panicked- where did i leave you- and then snap- i asked- "you saw something that looked like a black record behind us on the highway as a car swerved???....."

He went out to find you on US1, risking life and limb so you could be put to rest. Lucky for me iPad3 is due next week, you my friend are not so lucky. Rest in Pieces.......

Grave Stone Image|Flickr|bknittle
Raising Arizona Image|Bill's Movie Emporium- if you don't get the reference you need to watch the movie!
iPad Images|Unfortunately my own...


grodog said...

That's a bummer, Daniela! Enjoy the new one when it comes out :D


Glenn Fannick said...

I'm very sorry for your loss.

BigTone said...

RIP - Replace I Pad

daniela barbosa said...

@bigTone - RIP - Replace I Pad - love it.

thanks everyone!