Thursday, March 22, 2012

Information Overload Not Just About Productivity But Quality of Life

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Last month i was invited to attend an 'unconference' put together by the Information Overload Research Group. IORG, is a group of researchers, practitioners and technologists from academia, corporations, solution vendors and consultancies that are dedicated to reducing information overload, a problem that they believe "diminishes the productivity and quality of life of knowledge workers worldwide".

Charlie Davidson, CEO of Attensa who i have known for years via other industry events, sent me the invitation. Attensa is trying to solve the problem of Information Overload for businesses because "Overload not only hurts productivity, but also prevents people from using the information and knowledge that is critical to revenue generation, innovation and overall business results."

I had never heard of the Information Overload Research Group and upon Charlie's invitation i was immediately interested in having the opportunity to spend the day with academics and practitioners who are researching the issue of Information Overload.

It was a great day (and for me to say that because it was a Saturday, it was really worth my time, when i could have been running around with my toddler after a long week of work!)- i took many notes, and lately have been inspired to draw the concepts that are being discussed or that pop into my mind as the discussions happen- perhaps inspired by my two year old as she said ' mommy, so pretty' when i pulled the notes out to review recently.

I embedded them below as a flickr slideshow or you can click on the pages below for a bigger image. If anything doesn't make sense, or you need clarification on my 'wacky' imagery, drop me a comment!

I look forward to the next Information Overload Research Group Event, if you are interested in joining the group please visit their site.

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Jeremy Person said...

Thanks for posting your notes. Check out this article if you haven't seen it already.