Monday, March 22, 2010

Read a lot of News Online? Well You Probably are a Early Tech Adopter as Well

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Reflections of a Newsosaur just posted some results from a recent poll that found that newspaper website visitors appear to be early and passionate technology adopters. I am not surprised. Being in the online news business for the last ten years, i can tell you that the users who push us to deliver the most innovations in how they consume content through their enterprise applications are the same ones that favor consumer online news sites.

"In a survey of visitors to the websites of three newspapers in mid-sized communities far from the tech hubs on either coast, Harmon found that 30% of site visitors already have smart phones and that 25% of them are thinking about acquiring one. By contrast, the Nielsen Co. last summer said national smart-phone penetration was barely 17% while Harmon found it to be 25% among news-site visitors.

With about two weeks to go before the iPad ships on April 3, researcher Harmon said a “stunning” 30% of visitors to newspaper sites are considering the purchase of the latest Apple confection in addition to the 6% of respondents who already bought Kindles or another early e-reader."

He ends the post with:
"If newspapers fail to produce appealing cross-media content for the emerging tablet and smart-phone platforms, they will lose what’s left of their readers and advertisers to the competitors who do."
So a couple weeks back i was glad to see that The Wall Street Journal like the New York Times is working on an iPad application and have an " iPad hidden from public view, chained to tables in windowless rooms"so they can test it out (would love to come across that room as i roam the hallways!). But of course Rupert loves the iPad, so maybe we will all get an end of fiscal year "iGift". [wishful thinking ~]


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