Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How do I Invest in The Startup Bus Investment Game?

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The Startup Bus is on the way to Austin for South by Southwest, and the teams are ready to start getting investment via the Investment Game.

What's the Investment Game?

From the Site:

Want to help a team succeed? Well earn capital and invest it into a team – and if you invest the highest amount, you will become the chairperson of that startup.

Chair’s are typically tasked with raising financial capital for startup businesses. What we need however, is something just as important: social capital. By participating in this fun game we’ve developed, you actually help us grow our business.

How it works: you get rewarded for activity with either your own or from other people. For different types of activity, you earn a bus dollar: the more bus dollars you earn, the more you can invest between the teams. If you invest capital in a team, you will be ranked against other users who have done so. Invest the highest amount of capital and become the chairperson.

As chair, you will get listed as the teams chair on the website. The startup’s – at their discretion – may choose to reward you with stock, if they believe you provide continuing value to their business.

Specific rules:
- when you login, you earn 100 bus dollars
- when you login, you can send a Tweet saying you just made an investment and that will give you another 100 bus dollars
- for every unique user that clicks on the URL in the Tweet message, you will get an additional 10 bus dollars
-for every minute that passes when you are logged in, you will earn 1 bus dollar

Now my question is the teams are great, but how do I invest in 'The Startup Bus Investment Game'? Brilliant.

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