Friday, February 26, 2010

Tech Mamas: What Have You Done For Your 'Digital' Baby?

As a Techie Mama, there are a couple of things that i did, either during my pregnancy or right after i gave birth to prepare my little one for her digital life. These included:
  • Setting up a gmail account with her name [i did this about 3 months before giving birth and started sending her messages, figured if we didn't go with that name i would get a new one and forward the messages] i am pretty sure that gmail will be around when she is old enough to have an email account
  • A couple of months before giving birth, when we had decided on a name, after many Google searches, i setup an filter on my Twitter Tweetdeck to see how her name was being used
  • Bought my daughter's name Domain name [after birth because i wanted to make sure that it was a girl and she looked like a Ramona :-) i did check its availablity a couple of months prior and was a bit nervous that it could get picked up but didn't want to spend the 10 bucks!
  • Setup up a digital babybook [2 weeks prior to giving birth]. I am using a great service called lil'grams that allows me to securely share pictures, videos and stories for friends and family while allowing them to choose how they want to be updated of new things i post. i will be posting up a detailed review about the service shortly on this blog
  • I checked facebook, there is already someone else with her name (in Italy) but i didn't bother, i am pretty sure that facebook will be the MySpace of her generation due to something bigger and better (perhaps even sooner!) so there will be better places for her online. i didn't bother with twitter either i can't see myself tweeting on her behalf and i think there will be other fads when she is ready to speak her mind.
  • [Edit: Addition] I setup all the grandparents on Skype! Ramona's grandparents are scattered all around so we had to make sure they got skype working for all those video calls as they watch her grown remotely!
  • [Edit: Addition]I got a Flip Mino Video Camera, i have a camcorder but it is to bulky to pull out to catch those special moments, the flip is always with me even when i am out of the house

What am i missing that you would add to this list?


Brent-Stig said...

You do understand by doing all these things...your baby will grow up rejecting technology; classic rebellion.

Laurian Vega said...

Ha! I did almost the same exact thing with my baby, but with less emphasis on making sure his name was unique.

The one thing that is different is that after getting my iPhone I now send updated about Cam in a different way. I now text pictures/email videos rather than posting them to a website. People just weren't going and the email/text is more personal.

When Cameron gets a bit older we may set up a family window in his room so that he can video call his extended family whenever *he* wants.