Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ada Lovelace Day Bringing Women in Technology to the Forefront

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One year ago Ada Lovelace day meant a lot to me, but i wasn't even pregnant (by a couple days only to be exact) so i didn't even know that within a year i would have a daughter. This year celebrating one of the world's first woman computer programmers has even more special meaning to me.

I made the pledge to blog about Ada Lovelace today, but won't have the time to do much more then highlight her accomplishments and republish what i wrote last year:

So "Who was Ada Lovelance"?
Ada Lovelace was one of the world's first computer programmers, and one of the first people to see computers as more than just a machine for doing sums. She wrote programmes for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, a general-purpose computing machine, despite the fact that it was never built. She also wrote the very first description of a computer and of software.

So why does it matter to me that Ada Lovelace was a woman? If the same work had been done by a man would i be just as interested to celebrate his success?
Probably not- they are hundreds and thousands of men who we celebrate for their historical and modern 'accomplishments'- but not a lot of women. Ada Lovelace, is one of the few whose name has become well known, but there are many others who i respect and admire, many who have had a direct impact on me either throughout the years or more recently through the various organizations i work with.

Ada- i thank you and will tell your story to my daughter today and everyday she needs a reminder of all the brilliant women that came before her and were at the forefront of their industry!

See other post coming in from bloggers who made the pledge. (via google blogs)

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