Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rutgers Drops “Library” from Name of School

The Rutgers University Board of Governors approved a resolution April 2 removing the words “library studies” from the name of the School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies. Effective July 1, its name will be the School of Communication and Information. The school’s faculty had voted 30–10 in favor of the name change at a February 4 faculty meeting. - posted on ALA site

As a graduate of the MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) program at the Rutgers School of Communication, Information and Library Studies(SCILS) i am disappointed by this change. The article states that one of the reasons was that people thought that it was solely a library school- that is not a problem of the library studies program but a product of the school not being to define why Library Studies is just as important as the Communications and Information part of the program and that Library studies requires specific skills sets that the marketplace needs.



Jonathan Kranz said...

I'm a Rutgers grad, too. And like you, I'm proud of the school -- but damn, some of the decisions they make (like dropping crew from its athletic program or its failure to capitalize on its pre-Revolutionary War history) really tick me off.

lindsayt said...

I graduated from the School of Information at Berkeley, which use to be the School of Library Sciences, then the School of Information Management and Systems. When I say School of Information now, people either ask if it is MIS or if it is a library school. Even with a name change, people cannot wrap their head around the subject matter yet.