Saturday, January 03, 2009

Who gives a F? Florida, Facebook and 'Friends'

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This holiday season we headed down to Florida to spend some time with the families both on the west and east coast of Florida. So we managed a couple of days on each coast which is usually just enough for me (i admit i am not a big fan of Florida often citing this great Bugs Bunny clip to compliment my feelings).

But none the less i know a lot of good people who live in Florida so i will let it be because that is not the point of my post~ The reason i am writing this post is that through the week we were there one of the things that i observed (as i remained mostly offline by choice) was the incessant mentioning of Facebook- and this was not in my Silicon Valley echo chamber so of course i took notice.

Now i have been on Facebook for a while, and have found it quite useful mostly around events but i have really never become a 'fan' of Facebook itself or its 'walled garden' strategies. Most recently i have been 'friended' by people who i went to high school/college/previous lives- and mostly i am kinda indifferent about it to tell you the truth. This afternoon i cleaned up my FB 'inbox' (so much noise!) and thought who would i like to connect with that i have not been in touch with over the years and i really could not think of anyone. call me indifferent and heartless if you care to...

So course i have read the articles about the growth of Facebook over the last year- and certainly did not doubt them- but rather chose to ignore the fact that Facebook has become a very mainstream social networking application- a social hub for many regardless of what age and demographic they are. So i think it is time for me to start paying more attention once again to Facebook again because you know my theory on consumers- the apps they use at home is what they want at work.

.....perhaps next time i go to Florida, people at the bar, supermarket, restaurant, and simply waiting in line will be talking about Twittering each other (i have no doubt that in many circles they already are!).

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Marilyn said...

My 60 year old brother-in-law informed me that he has a twitter account but he doesn't get it, and I immediately thought: "Twitter has jumped the shark" (and then I quickly notified my niece!).

I get what you're saying, but I think it's important to watch, just for the reason you mentioned. It's no longer just the millenials who are craving these tools, it's everyone. Good times ahead in 2009 for social media in the workplace.