Sunday, September 07, 2008

ReadWriteTalk Interviews Me About My Recent eBook

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My typical Sunday afternoon usually consists of an afternoon walk down to the Beach with my iPod stacked with podcasts from the week - this Sunday morning as i was downloading the new episodes i couldn't wait for my walk and had to listen to one immediately with a cup of coffee in hand.

Why? Well, I was recently interviewed by Sean Ammirati for ReadWriteTalk about my recent eBook on the Hybrid approach to Folksonomies and Taxonomies in the Enterprise. ReadWriteTalk is part of the ReadWriteWeb blog network. ReadWriteWeb is one of my favorite resources out there on the web because it provides coverage of many of the web technology trends that i am interested in, providing great coverage of companies and emerging technologies and trends that play in the space.

During the podcast i try to explain why i wrote the ebook, highlight some of the practical recommendations i make in the ebook when approaching user tagging in the Enterprise and even provide some behind the 'scenes' stories about the creation of the actual ebook. The transcript of the interview is also available.

What are some of the other podcasts i listen to semi-religiously?

- I have been a regular listener of ReadWriteTalk since it started up including the new RWWLive sessions.
- SemanticWebGang (also syndicated by ReadWriteWeb and Talis)
- BusinessWeeks Behind the Cover podcast - for example last week's podcast on "IBM Has your Number" had me run out to buy Stephen Bakers' new book Numerati which i recommend and will blog about soon .
- Talking with Talis podcast- focused mostly on Libraries and emerging semantic technologies
- NewYorkTimes podcasts - mostly the Science Times podcast but sometimes others
- Nodalities podcast (another Talis podcast guess they have cornered the podcast market that interests me!!)
- An old favorite of mine is the SalesRoundup Podcast
- and of course the DataPortablity in Motion podcast (i think the guys have gone on a summer vacation and will hopefully be returning soon)

Have recommendations for other podcasts i should be tuned into? Please leave them in the comments!

So remember if you see me walking on the beach, or even on the BART on my way to work in the morning with my earplugs on nodding and smiling- i am probably listening to one of the many podcasts i listen to regularly.

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