Monday, August 25, 2008

Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge and to See What Other Smart Women are Doing

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It is a little known fact, that for my undergraduate degree, i earned a major in Women studies and minor in Labor studies- not women in labor but two unique majors- one in Women's Studies and one in Labor Studies. It is not known because it hardly has anything to do with what i "do" which is what people are mostly interested in versus the "how" and "why" i do and approach things in a specific way. I think a lot of who i am is because i grew up with very strong women around me- my mother and grandmothers specifically- but the choices i have made for myself have also helped shape who i am today and how i continue to develop as a woman in the business world.

I have been meaning to post a reference on my blog to a recent article in Business Week Online titled Don't Cry For Us Silicon Valley by Sarah Lacy about women advancing in technology because it is articles like this that remind me that there is progress being made (although many of us think that it is not going fast enough!) . The articles provides some good highlights on some of the established corporate women as well as the positive news from women in the start-up sector.

One of my favorite resources online to stay aware of what other women are doing in the business world is the blog 'News on Women' which provides almost daily updates on women who have been promoted and/or move to new companies. You can also browse by industry, C-level positions like CEO and CFO and Board Appointments and sometimes aggregated reports are published which are interesting.

Every once in a while i get a comment about the image of the glass on the right menu of my blog- you can also get your own "Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge' glassware if you are so inclined. cheers!

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I was wondering if anyone believes in destiny?