Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Loren Feldman interviewing Chris Saad from DataPortability Group

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Loren Feldman of 1938 Media is quite a character and a bit controversial at times some of his classics include Stop Crying, Anti-Social Media, and the oh so classic Gabe goes Geek Hollywood.

Here Feldman talks to Chris Saad founding member and chair of the DataPortability Group. I admit i was waiting for a what's "a little guy like you running a big movement like this" comment (sorry Chris ;-) but this is a straight up great conversation on what the DataPortability Group is about.

Of course only in a Loren Feldman video does the 'user' become 'Joe Blow'- which of course lead me on a chase of where the phrase 'Joe Blow' originates. i found some simple definitions and that it occurs mostly in the States and Australia (hence why Chris was so comfortable with it!) but not too much on its origins which seems to go back to the 1940s to describe the average guy. I grew up in north Jersey so it was a common phrase i heard often.

The WI-FI analogy that Chris uses at the beginning and towards the end of the video to describe what regulars 'users'- sorry the regular "joe blows'- should actually think of when they eventually see the DataPortability logo on a site is a very effective analogy. When we see a WI-FI sign on cafe window, we don't think of all the complicated protocols that enables WI-FI to happen- we know that it works, what our security options are (well we should) and that there are standard access protocols for all WI-FI networks. DataPortability aims to do the same for your data on the web.

1 comment :

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