Thursday, March 13, 2008

Staged Debates on Taxonomies

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I am always looking for good resources to use as quick introduction to topics that i can share and videos tend to be one of my favorite things to reference if i can find them so i keep a handy list of topics that i can send off to people like Taxonomy Management Tools, DataPortability introduction, RDFa introduction, a Case study titled From Taxonomy to Ontology and a Simple Semantic Web Intro among others i can quickly reference.

This evening i found these videos from the 2005 Content Management Pros Summit where Theresa Regli and Seth Earley debate the pros and cons of various taxonomy issues by flipping a coin to see which side they will take debating each issue. Both of them can obviously argue both sides of the coin because they have heard it all from their customers and i think the format works well and is instructive on the topic:

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Patrick said...

This is a wonderful resource Daniela, many thanks for publishing this list. Were you aware of my two-parter video on "The Kingdom of Taxonomy"?