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Semantic Technology Conference May 18-19th San Jose, CA

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Last year i really wanted to go to the annual Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech) but i was too late to the game from a budget perspective and at over $1500 it wasn't something that i could pay for myself like many of the local conferences (and unconferences) i go to where it is 50-100 bucks. It also ended up conflicting with something else on my work agenda so instead of being a brat i let it go. This year I am there and i am already prepping for it so i can get the most out of it.

The schedule with speakers has been posted on the conference site and in addition to attending the sessions and meeting some of the vendors in the space, i am also super excited about meeting a lot of the key members of the Semantic Web Community, some who have also recently been participating in the DataPortability Group that i am a founding member of.

The other thing that I am very excited about is that our very own Christine Connors will be presenting a session which i outline below on Semantic coding in the world of fast paced publishing.

Since late 2007 when she joined Dow Jones, Christine has been in addition to Director of Semantic Technology Solutions for Dow Jones the Business Champion for Synaptica , our taxonomy and metadata management tool that i am now responsible for from a Business Development perspective. I have to say that the last few months working with Christine and the Synaptica product team has been one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of my eight year career at Dow Jones/Factiva.

The funny thing is that i had seen Christine present at other conferences while she was at Intuit and i admit i kinda hounded her when she was at Intuit because i wanted to tell her what Factiva (now we are Dow Jones) was doing in the space- the message after she joined us i got was that Factiva and especially the Synaptica and Taxonomy business was not doing a very good job of telling the marketplace what are core capabilities were (perhaps however she was just being nice and i just couldn't sell it ;-0 ...all kidding aside I am aware that we still have a lot of work to do but if anyone knows me that is reading this i am always up for cheer leading for a winning team- and i think i got one of those now.

Semantic Coding at 120mph

Christine Connors
Christine Connors
Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

How does a company with massive amounts of real-time data and high availability requirements migrate to the Semantic Web? Very thoughtfully! Join this session for a "day in the life" view of content from creation through processing and on to delivery. Along the way, learn how to efficiently cluster processes and technologies to intelligently migrate from legacy systems to the Semantic Web. Learn how taxonomies and ontologies integrate with entity extraction and rules-based processing to enable near real-time delivery of business critical multimedia content from thousands of sources. See how Dow Jones uses Synaptica, the 1.5 million+ proprietary codes of Factiva Intelligent Indexing, as the foundation of a technical stack that allows content to be processed in less than a minute in a 24x7 global coding and publishing operation.

Christine Connors joined Dow Jones in 2007 as Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions. Her primary responsibilities are for Synaptica product development and overall metadata strategy, in partnership with the Business Champions of the Factiva and Dow Jones Newswires family of offerings.

UPDATED April 30th:
Christine has been added to two additional sessions at the conference- Yeah! :
Financial Services Industry *Sidebar*-Through examples, this session will examine how, and in what process categories, semantic capabilities are being leveraged within the Financial Industry. We will then discuss where else, within the broad context of the financial space, these approaches may be applied.
Bringing SemTech Back to the Business-With a panel of leaders from the semantic technology industry, this session will give us the opportunity to reflect on the many discussions that have taken place during the week of SemTech 2008 and help us map the course as we prepare to extend those conversations back into our workplaces. We will touch on issues of ROI, making the case for semantic technologies in the enterprise, and what to expect in the coming year in the semantic tech space.

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Saw your twitter...looking forward to the conference. I should really be sleeping now, though! I'll be the sleepy guy trying to still absorb the tutorials.