Friday, December 21, 2007

Additional support for APML this time from Ma.gnolia

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A nice holiday gift from the folks at Ma.gnolia with their announcement of APML support for their social bookmarking service. From the post by Todd Sieling, Ma.gnolia's product manager, they are using the Engagd service to allow Ma.gnolia members the ability to build an attention profile from their bookmarks.

APML allows users the ability to compress all forms of Attention Data into a portable file format containing a description of their ranked interests- their Attention, based on what they are tagging in a service like Ma.gnolia can then be ported to other services that support APML. This will be a very powerful way to filter information from multiple services a user might use to consume information. As their Attention profile changes in aggregate from the various services they use, consuming services of APML are automatically updated and able to deliver exactly what the user wants based on their ranked interests.

In the annoucement post, Todd goes on to say "these are still early days for APML, and as such there aren’t a lot of service providers supporting it and even fewer applications that can make use of this data. So, the hope in providing it for Ma.gnolia is that it will help stimulate development of APML-powered services that can offer us new ways of looking at what we do as we travel the web".

I have been a member of the APML Workgroup since early 2007, and believe that APML will have a transformative hand in information filtering, so i agree with Todd that we are still in the early days but am excited and thankful about Ma.gnolia's addition to the list of other services that support APML including some big Enterprise players like NewsGator that i have commented before on.

Ma.gnolia is also an early supporter of OAuth, which the open API authentication standard and another of the open stacks specifications.

Right on- and thanks for the lovely gift!

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