Saturday, December 22, 2007

Come join me on my morning walk

Since i have been in Portugal on holiday, every morning i try to take a walk down to the Marginal which is the road that runs from Cascais to Lisbon on the coast in order to walk off all the food i ate the day before. Our house is in Pa├žo de Arcos a couple miles south of Lisbon, where i was born and raised until we moved to the United States.

Today i grabbed my camera and took a 'shot by shot' starting at our front door. I tried not to use zoom unless it was necessary like for example to see the 25 de Abril Bridge which is a close replicate of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge where i currently live.

So come join me (if you can't see the below embed go here and click Slideshow-fast because i am a fast walker!). Enjoy!


Emily said...

Cool! Just like walking to the beach in Pacifica! (except the houses along the way are much prettier in Portugal).

Anonymous said...
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