Monday, June 25, 2007

AD placement on Blogs - we got in the game

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I don't have ads on my blog-yet- but i was an early supporter of Ad placement on blog sites. Perhaps with a bit of my convincing our marketing department was even brave enough to join up with Federated Media (FM) to place ads on some sites that would hopefully drive business my way.

When i first heard about Federated Media, i was immediately impressed with the model- the blog authors (many that i already read) would have some sort of guidelines to follow and the hope would be that FM would monitor and make the recommendation on which blogs to place ads on based on the best fit- of content and audience. On the topic of Disclosure- i just had faith that the authors would disclose (once again most of the bloggers i read already do) and that the audience would know an Ad- is used to advertise products and services.

Of course in the last few days there has been a flurry of talk about FM's Microsoft People Ready campaign so wouldn't you believe it but today was the day i logged onto TechCrunch and saw the "Inform Collaborate and be Competitive with Dow Jones Solutions" Ad. Fun. i actually thought that TechCrunch was 'sold-out' for the next few months (at least that is what i was told) but maybe a slot opened up suddenly.....

Our campaign is fairly new (only started couple weeks ago) and i haven't gotten any leads yet. But I spoke to my excellent marketing contact back in Princeton last week and we are testing the copy and reworking it (i of course have some ideas- but it is all a matter of finding time to give them)

Oh yeah- DISCLOSURE- i currently work for Dow Jones Client Solutions and this post is to:
1) try to get me more business by having you click through on an Ad so you can contact me because
2) if you read those blogs that our Ads are appearing on and you are interested in information delivery in the enterprise or financial B2C sites i might enjoy talking to you ;-)

Of course- you can always just leave me a comment here if you want to talk-

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