Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Got an interesting call from a recruiter today

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I get recruiter calls every once in a while and at times, like when the Factiva acquisition by Dow Jones was announced the phone starts ringing extra- typical recruiting tactics- i know because i have delivered solutions to recruiting firms that deliver actionable news items like mergers/acquisitions, management moves etc. to the recruiters to help them find business opportunities.

The message today (and yes i will call you back) was an interesting one- he wanted to know how the recent global sales conference i attended last week and had mentioned in this post announcing my Blip.tv channel was since i hadn't posted my thoughts on it. Very cool and shows he is listening and perhaps making inferences based on what he is reading/not reading- there has been a lot of talk in the blogsphere about how blogs can essentially be your resume, and how 'sales' people like Realtors are finding new business opportunities using blogs (example here is a realtor that is tracking Cabo posts and left a comment on my blog)

I have no doubt that many recruiters are using blogs to find candidates and to find the 'right' time to contact candidates. Last summer i posted about how customers i work with- more and more are using non-traditional HR recruitment processes and how we have been helping.

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