Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Enterprise 2.0 vs. SOA

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I always get grumpy when i am out of the office for onsite team, regional sale meetings or trainings (not that i do not benefit from them..at least in my own special way)--especially when i have to miss the SF Blogger dinner , but it throws me off my schedule for a week. I am working but it is different. i travel for work often and yes i do take vacations and have 6 weeks coming to me this year (the benefits of working at the same company for 7+yrs- but when i am i going to have time?) but at least when you are on vacation you are away.

It is only 7:30 on the west coast but here on the east coast it is 10:30- while the Hotel Utah in SF is just probably starting to buzz , i am starting to see double....so i will just point you to an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review about Enterprise 2.0 vs. SOA on the HBR's "The Impact of Information Technology (IT) on Businesses and their Leaders" site.

Andrew McFee:
an Associate Professor whose research investigates how managers can most effectively select, implement, and use Information Technology (IT) to achieve business goal writes:
...difference between SOA and Enterprise 2.0 (which I think is closely connected to the first one) is that a service oriented architecture has to be imposed up front, while an Enterprise 2.0 environment emerges over time. Imposing structure takes time. It also takes a great deal of thoroughness, tenacity, and attention to detail, and a clear vision of where you want to go. Letting structure emerge requires none of these; it requires only a few mechanisms to let patterns and structure become apparent.

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Faust Haus said...

Hey Daniela!!

Nice to read up on your work and life! Thanks for swinging by to check out Emily’s Rant!

Re: time difference, I love being 3 hrs ahead of my CA clients- gives me an extra leg up...but when we move to LA in the fall I gotta get my ass up early to meet those deadlines...boo!

Hope you are well!