Sunday, June 11, 2006


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picked up the book microserfs by Douglas Coupland today and ended up spending half the day reading it . I had never heard of this book and luckily stumbled across it at the old local library used book sale this morning as i was checking out all the changes that have occured in the last year and a half since i moved west.

The premise of the book is Microsoft coders in Redmond who leave for Silicon Valley in the mid 90s even though they are leaving behind stability and job security for the relative unknowns associated with start-up companies....i am just at the point when they make their decision, give their notice and start driving south on I5...Interestly enough Robert Scoble yesterday announced that he is leaving Microsoft and he to is moving down to the Valley to join PodTech (by the way the news brought down the PodTech site for 1hr) Scoble started the Microsoft Channel 9 video podcast which i have mentioned before- so no suprise that he is going to PodTech which aims to explode the use of videoblogs with a dedicated team of news- shall we call them journalists?

it is just.....weird that i randomly picked up this book-today- from a huge pile of homeless used books thousands of miles from home and stayed away from the computer from most of the day-missing the news until now.

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