Sunday, June 25, 2006

Catch up

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if you miss a week of actively reading your blogs feeds- you fall back what would perhaps seem like years in other centuries. i look at the calendar and i only see a handful of days but just trying to catch up without 'missing' anything is quite a choir.

i have been very busy working on a huge project while trying to juggle at least 3 -4 others . this week i also had thursday and friday scheduled off which turned into thursday afternoon and friday- at least i had some down time and it was a cell phone free resort!

Here are some highlights of things i reviewed this afternoon that might be of interest:
  • missed the Bloggercon conference friday-saturday they are kind enough to post from their sessions.
  • The Supernova conference was this week and they created a media center from their sessions and a Blog. Lot's there to read through and Jeremiah also has a great overview over on his blog.
  • Rob Boothly in Innovation Creations has a new post that is interesting on practical use of Web 2.0 in the enterprise this is a follow-up to his people pages posting. I have been using SharePoint team sites (our enterprise standard) to collaborate during projects and recently seeked out an internal blog (more to follow up that soon)
  • Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion has a post about UMass Study that identifies the traits of a Successful Blogger.
  • Sun Microsystems ahead of the game allowing tagging to and digg in BigAdmin on
  • TechCrunch reviewed what seems like hundreds more Web2.0 applications and enhancements. and pointed me to the new widget which i have added on the right side and that Microsoft is working with Creative Commons.
  • The Guardian Print your own paper is an interesting concept that i saw over at the MIT Advestrising Blog they will insert ads, dynamically generated to fit readers profiles. I work with a lot of companies that do daily news summaries focused on their company, industry, compeititors etc. many still send out printable versions (or have a quick print function)- with a 'comfortable' reading look and feel. We better just get the electronic paper part of it going!
  • My Business Web 2.0 - a post providing an overview of various Web 2.0 applications that could be used to effectively run a business with little $. posted by Saul Weiner of
  • and last but certainly not least...If you haven’t noticed, creativity is evolving- SmartMobs points us to the structure of the new creative mind .

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