Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Text Mining and Visualization

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I won't bore you with my theory on text mining and visualization at this time. We can save it for later when we become better acquainted...I have been working on some things that are interesting and i am on the edge of diving in deeper and deeper (mining into the whole thing deeper. LOL.)

In 2005 we delivered some custom solutions which create a visualized, role-based view of the competitive landscape (like the Competitive Awareness Offering for SharePoint). For example i have two clients that use the CA Web Parts to display client specific news on a sales portal giving the sales team a collected view of what is happening with their clients, not just headlines but actually interactive charts. In 2006 we will be delivering more of those types of projects and also assisting clients with their internal data visualization projects as well.

From a product perspective, we have our Factiva Insight product suite and our upcoming Search 2.0 service is going to provide search results through visualization as well. I promise to share more on that when it is available for public consumption!

You can check out my Factiva colleague, Glenn Fannick's Read Between the Mines blog on text mining. He knows a lot more then me and is one of many of our experts in the field.

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