Thursday, December 29, 2005

Enterprise Content Frameworks - information strategies and service oriented architecture approaches

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Enterprise Content Frameworks - information strategies and service oriented architecture approaches- something dear to my heart and a clear differentiator for our consulting group.

Our experience of having a business based on aggregation and relevant delivery of content to over 1.5 million subscribers has provided our consulting group with over 15 years of experience in advising our clients based on best practices and implementations of information strategies within many of our Fortune 500 global customers. I personally think that the most valuable service our consulting group can offer is our expertise in exactly that.

In 2005 we have worked very closely with some of our clients during their assessment and design phases of building out new portals/knowledge/content systems and information strategies ensuring that the next release of their applications is sustainable and meets the information needs of users today and beyond. Focusing on key architecture principals of building a service oriented model, we have been able to explore the concept of an enterprise content framework.

Here are some key examples of things we have been helping with:

Corporate Research Portal
• Advise clients on centralizing the management of internal and externally-procured research, including license and access management, and integration into business processes and applications

Content Navigation
• Advise clients on improving the distribution of content and how users access that content
• Optimize content navigation
• Improve usability around content
• Maximizing Content Use
• Develop highly customize editorial workbenches to meet editorial workflow needs

Enterprise Content Technologies
Advise clients on the strategy, selection, or analysis of any technology that touches content. Examples include:
• RSS, Wikis, Podcasting
• Search Engines, Categorization Tools
• Taxonomy development, implementation and governance

These are things that as a consulting group we have been doing for a while and i envision that in 2006 those services are going to be in higher demand as enterprises look at builing solutions with forward looking principles such as SOAs. More to follow on this topic i am sure.

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