Friday, July 13, 2012

Heading to SLA in Chicago- Let's Brainstorm about Info Pros and Enterprise Social Business Projects

Next week SLA (Special Library Association) is hosting their annual conference in Chicago and i look forward to meeting up with many of my old friends and clients in the library world!

SLA is always a great conference-unfortunately i missed the last two years, so i am really looking forward to attending this year- as an attendee because there are some great sounding sessions.

One of the core purposes of SLA is for attendees to learn about new trends and how information professionals are ensuring that they are “'future ready' by exchanging ideas and connecting with thousands of fellow information professionals". In addition to the sessions and general networking, I am also looking to meet up with information professionals who are currently working or are trying to get involved in Enterprise Social Business projects incorporating social enterprise software like, Yammer, SharePoint, Jive, IBM Connections, Tibco, Cisco Webex Social and others.

If you know me, you know i have been advocating this for years: The role of the information professional is a very important one that should be leveraged in enterprise social projects projects- in today's Social Portals, ESNs (Enterprise Social Networks), Collaboration chat platforms, SCRM,. etc. The core skills that Info Pros have can lead to greater adoption and ultimately  greator ROI.

In my new role at FirstRain as Director of Business Development i have a chance to spread the word that Info Pros- should and NEED to be brought into these projects- so if you going to SLA and feel the same (or perhaps you disagree)- i would love to talk to you!

Oh Yeah- here is what i look like now a days (hair is a bit longer but dimpled smile is the same :-)

If you are interested in touching base with me here is my email or via twitter @danielabarbosa.

See you in Chicago!


grodog said...

I haven't attended SLA before (or, perhaps sadly, even heard of it ;) ): I'll definitely be interested to hear more about your perceptions of the show, Daniela.

Congrats on the new role, btw: I'd missed your change back in April.

Allan Grohe
Juniper Networks

daniela barbosa said...

Hi Allan- Good to hear from you!

I will definately be writing up some thoughts here and on my new corporate blog:

Loving my new gig. Would love to catch-up with you and see how your projects are going.

I will send you a note with some dates.