Monday, June 25, 2012

Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books?

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Amanda Katz a commentator for NPR Books, recently published an article that caught my attention through my twitter stream. Titled Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books, it tells of her personal story in discovering a book with a personal family story that was found in a box of books her grandmother left behind. That story in itself is interesting and a reminder that those books that our parents and grandparents and even ourselves have on the shelf- are more then the book itself but can include a collective memory of their past readers.

She goes on to question, whether in today’s world, the inheritance of those memories can be replicated through ebooks, highlights some “genuine superiorities” of ebooks (e.g. Annotations in the cloud) and what is slipping away with digital consumption. A good read that gets you thinking.

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MicroSourcing said...

It's an interesting question to pose to readers. If anything, e-books might just endure longer than traditional books because it's intangible.