Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sorry To All the Charlies and the Other Followers

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Every Morning /Afternoon/ Evening that i don't tweet, i feel guilty. The other day someone asked me if i had become a weekend tweeter (is that like a weekend warrior i wonder?) and i answered with my stock answer, no i am just too busy- work, new motherhood, sleep, and of course i am still 'listening' (thank goodness for TweetDeck). But not tweeting good content, still makes me feel guilty for not providing more value to my followers because i get so much value from the people i follow.

In addition to all my followers (current count 2,145), I am currently also listed on 109 Twitter lists (unfortunately i can't figure out how to view all 109 but when i do i will update the list below!), some pretty impressive ones that i am proud to be on include:
So good morning Twitter friends and here is a blanket sorry to all the Charlies and the other followers....i won't feel guilt anymore. It is what it is at this point. hope what i have to offer is good enough for you to stick around. thanks for understanding.

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